Friday, May 19, 2017

Farm pictures and happenings

The grass is growing faster then the cows can keep up.

The new chicks are getting big, and all the chickens are anxious to get out into their new run.  They've been cooped up for too long. 

We've created a new chicken/calf weaning paddock that's almost ready. The new grass is growing, and we just have to add a bit of chicken fencing to the gates so that they don't escape where our dog can play with them​. The chickens have a small door from their coop that opens up into a barn stall attached to the new pasture. 

Mama cow Agnes is enjoying the barn and fresh grass with her girls.  Fiona was born last month, and Emma was born in 2016. We decided to keep Emma as a replacement heifer and replace our bull this year. She has great potential, and her coat coloring is beautiful.

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