Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Scheduling beef

If you haven't yet, it's time (or possibly past time) to schedule Fall butchering with your local butcher.  I called our butcher this week, and mobile farm visits are scheduled out all the way until the end of December so we will have to haul this Fall's steer into the butcher.  The soonest they had any openings was the end of October.  Glad I didn't wait any longer! 

Maybe this isn't a problem with farms that have a large number of animals going to beef every year and are on a normal schedule with their butcher, but I will definitely be marking the calendar to call earlier next Spring.  We like to butcher in the Fall before we have to start haying the cattle.  We've had years that we've made it until Thanksgiving on pasture so late October should work out good.

If you are interested in locally raised Highland beef, check out our 'For Sale' page for more information.

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