Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring chicks and other farm store temptations...

I made it out of the local farm store without buying any new chicks tonight.  It helps that my daughter wasn't with me (she really wants some fluffy feet chickens), and the fact that we already get more eggs from our chickens then we can possibly eat.  They are so cute though!

I stopped in to price the vitamins for the calves.  We give our newborns Bo-se and vitamin A & D shots soon after birth.  We usually get them from our vet, but I wanted to see if I could buy a whole bottle cheaper... they didn't carry any.  

I also need new calf halters, I found them, but I wasn't ready to drop a  twenty on one today so I'll do a little price checking online.  I like this brand for a calf halter.  We sent the last one we had home with the heifer we just sold.

My big splurge for the day was new chapstick.. I really like this brand, and it guarantees that no one in my family will steal it from me.  No it's not real chicken poop... just really good chapstick!

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